NA8 WhatsApp Apk (Al WhatsApp) Download Free Latest Version (2024)

NA8 WhatsApp Apk
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  • NA8 WhatsApp
  • 79 MB
  • Messaging App
  • V13.25
  • Nasser Aljaede
  • Android 5+
  • July 12, 2024
  • Free

NA8 WhatsApp is the most latest version of the NA WhatsApp family and so far it’s the best version, according to the users. The NA8 comes with all the latest features of the official WhatsApp and additional features like new fonts, themes, and customization options.

What is NA WhatsApp?

NA WhatsApp also known as AL WhatsApp is a special messaging application that comes with a lot of additional features that are not available in the standard WhatsApp application. It was developed by an Egyptian developer Nasser Al Jaede. NA WhatsApp has 8 different subversions, all of which have additional features to enhance your messaging experience.

What is NA8 WhatsApp?

NA8 Whatsapp is a modified chat application that has a lot of modern features that you won’t get in the standard Whatsapp app. By using this application you can send large files or videos, lock specific conversations, hide blue ticks, see messages that are deleted by your friends, have quick access to all the mod options, customize your chat screen, apply different themes and solid color of your choice, have an enhanced privacy feature and many other additional features like these that you will not see in official WhatsApp.

What’s new in NA8 Whatsapp?

NA8 WhatsApp is the latest version of NA7 WhatsApp, which also has the same features. However, this particular version has some new features and improves errors and bugs from the previous version. 

  • Change Admin icon in groups.
  • Edit messages enabled.
  • Transfer chats between your mobile phone without using Google Drive.
  • Pin messages in private chats.
  • Receive Pinned Messages from others.
  • Media Backup/Restore option 

Additional Features of NA8 WhatsApp

  • Fresh new themes added.
  • 50+ new fonts added.
  • Media sharing quality improved.
  • You hide your last seen.
  • Group participants numbers are increased.
  • Pin a private conversation.
  • Enhanced privacy features.
  • Lock your chats.
  • Hide blue tick
  • Freeze last seen
  • Download your friend’s WhatsApp status.
  • Status video duration increased up to 10 minutes.
  • No annoying ads while using the application.
  • See deleted messages.
  • You can see view once file whenever you want and save it to your gallery.
  • New attractive backgrounds and styles were added.
  • Display your profile photo along with your username in group chats.

Some Key Features of NA8 WhatsApp

Security Features

The NA8 Whatsapp is very popular due to its helpful security features. You can lock the app with a password, PIN, or fingerprint to protect your WhatsApp chats. You can also hide or lock a specific chat, and if someone tries to open it, it will ask for a password or fingerprint.


NA8 Whatsapp provides many customization options that you won’t get in the official Whatsapp application. The app has 4000+ themes that you can use to make your Whatsapp interface look pretty. You can choose background styles, colors, and fonts of your own choice. An interesting feature of this app is that you can also customize your chat screen by applying background colors or images.

Quick and Easy Updates

This is a very common issue in today’s WhatsApp mods application: They don’t have an update mechanism, so you face trouble when a new update comes. You first need to download the new APK file and then uninstall the old file. In all these situations, you usually lose your WhatsApp chats and other data.

But you need not worry about the regular updates of NA8 Whatsapp because whenever a new update comes, it will update automatically if your mobile data or Wi-Fi is on.

Anti View Once

There is an option in regular WhatsApp that you can use to send files for only once. It means the guy, on the other hand will receive the file and he can see it only once and it will automatically disappear. Sometimes there are important photos and videos shared by your friend or anything special that you don’t want to lose. So Na8 WhatsApp apk is the best solution for this problem, as it is Anti View Once. It means you can access those photos, videos or any voice whenever you want, and it will not disappear from your chat screen.

Issues Fixed In NA8 WhatsApp

  • Some styles that were not working in the previous version were improved.
  • Bugs and issues are fixed.
  • The sudden app crash is fixed.

How to update NA8 WhatsApp APK?

NA8 WhatsApp is not like other typical WhatsApp mod applications. It has a special update mechanism, and whenever a new update comes, it automatically updates the app to the latest version if your mobile data or Wi-Fi is on. This means you don’t need to download NA8 WhatsApp when a new update comes. It also benefits you, as there is very little chance of data loss with this method.