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NA WhatsApp
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  • NA WhatsApp
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  • Android 5+
  • July, 2024
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NA Whatsapp is a special messaging application that comes with some useful features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. There are many other popular mod WhatsApps available, but most of them cause you to ban your WhatsApp number. The NA WhatsApp is built to keep an eye on this issue and is resistant to bans. So the user does not have to worry about anything. Simply download the application and use it.

NA WhatsApp Apk

What is NA WhatsApp?

NA WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application that comes with a lot of additional features that are not available in regular WhatsApp, and this is what makes your chatting experience very cool. It was developed by Egyptian developer Nasser Aljede, and it is similar to MB WhatsApp.

The application is a great alternative to the WhatsApp app, which allows users to have a customized chatting experience. NA WhatsApp has 8 different versions (NA1-NA8) and is compatible with all Android device versions. These versions allow you to personalize your messaging experience using customized colors, fonts, themes, backgrounds, and many other features.

NA WhatsApp Features

NA WhatsApp is built according to the latest version of the regular WhatsApp app and contains all the features that regular WhatsApp offers, but what makes NA WhatsApp stand out are its additional features such as hiding last seen, which means you can hide the last time you opened the app and your friends won’t be able to see it, hiding forward message tags, displaying erased messages, hiding blue ticks, typing, recording, and many other features. 

Below are some key features of the NA WhatsApp Apk:

Customization Options

In NA WhatsApp, you can customize your WhatsApp interface and chat screen with different themes, fonts and solid colors according to your choice. You can also use the background from your gallery for the chat screen. You can design it exactly to the interface you want to see. The space between messages on the chat screen can also be minimized or maximized.

Status Downloading

An interesting feature of the app is that you can download the photos and videos your friends shared on their WhatsApp status. The regular WhatsApp version does not allow you to save your friend’s WhatsApp status and once the status time expires, it automatically disappears. But in NA WhatsApp you can save their photos and videos in your mobile phone gallery, and they remain on your mobile even if the status time reaches up.

Early Access to Updates

The NA WhatsApp has another cool feature that shows the upcoming updates and new features in the app even before the release. So, it keeps you updated about the new changes, which is especially helpful for someone who is always following new trends and looking to try new things.

Multi-Account Support

The app allows you to use multiple accounts on a single device. If you have two personal and professional WhatsApp accounts, you don’t need to have separate devices to use WhatsApp. You can use two accounts on NA WhatsApp at the same time. It’s just like having two WhatsApps, but it’s actually one. You can maintain your personal and professional chats without logging out in a single application.

Message Scheduler

Another interesting feature of NA WhatsApp is that you can schedule a message for a specific time and automatically send it. All you need to do is select a contact number from the list, choose a date and a specific time, and type your message so the message will be sent at the exact time and date you have entered. For example, if you want to send a birthday greeting to a friend but will be busy at the exact time, you can compose the message in advance and schedule it to be sent on their birthday. This feature ensures that important messages are delivered on time and at the right moment, even if you cannot send them manually.

Geotagging and Location Sharing

You can share your current location by using NA Whatsapp. You’ll see the location option on your chat screen, and when you click on it, the app automatically fetches your exact location using Google Maps. So in just a few steps, your location will be shared. If you are at a restaurant and calling a friend you don’t need to tell him the location by guidance instead, you can share the location and he will reach there right away.

In-App Locking

This feature of NA WhatsApp is very useful. The app lets you secure your chats with a PIN code, fingerprint, and Facelock. So whenever someone tries to open your chats without your permission, he has to provide a PIN code, fingerprint, or face lock. He cannot access your WhatsApp chats without entering any of these details. So this feature is really helpful for security purposes.

Mass Message Sender

This feature of Na WhatsApp has the ability to send a single text message to multiple people at once. For example, if you want to invite your friends or relatives to a party to announce something special you can use the mass message sender to send it to all of them at once. It means you don’t need to send the message individually to each contact. This way, you can save your time without making any effort.

Sticker Packs and Emojis

Emojis are used to express your emotions within the chat. In NA WhatsApp, you get additional sticker packs and emojis. The regular WhatsApp also has stickers and emojis, but the sticker packs and emojis that come with this app are different and loved by people. These features give you the option to make your chat interesting by using emojis.

Extended Message Recall

This is a very handy feature of NA WhatsApp that lets you delete a message after you have sent it. This feature is also available on official whatsapp but the problem is that you have to delete it within the first few minutes and after that, you can not delete the message for everyone. But in this app, you have more time to delete it. If you have mistakenly sent a message or changed your mood, you can delete it.

Auto Reply

The auto reply feature is very useful and it’s a bit like an assistant. You can set a customized text for an auto reply that will be automatically sent by the NA WhatsApp when someone sends you a message. If you have set “I’ll get back to you soon!” or something like that of your choice, it gives a positive impression to the sender, as he believes that you might be busy but definitely care about him and will get in touch with him in some time. You can adjust the time of auto reply which means after receiving the message, how long you want to send back a reply.

Privacy Settings

In NA WhatsApp, you can have a privacy setting that helps keep your information secure and private. It has many features for example you can limit who can see your online status or last seen. You can turn on the security pin, fingerprint, or facelock It means that whenever someone tries to open your WhatsApp he will have to enter that security pin code, your fingerprint or facelock. It also has other features like limiting who can see your profile picture, your WhatsApp bio, your status and many more valuable features.


Many apps have specific device requirements, and if the device is outdated or does not match the application version, it will not work on it. So, the NA WhatsApp Apk has been developed by keeping an eye on all these problems and it works on all Android devices. It works well on expensive devices but equivalently good on lower-end mobile phones or tablets. The app works smoothly; this way, it has access to more people who can benefit from it.

Media Sharing

It is a very necessary feature on NA Whatsapp when it comes to sharing large media files. If you have a high-quality image and want to share it with your friend, you will ensure it does not lose its quality. Still, sometimes, it becomes hard to share because the official WhatsApp application does not allow you to share larger videos or photos. But NA WhatsApp is the perfect solution for your problem, as it allows you to share larger files, making your chatting experience very interesting.

Ad-Free Experience

There are many apps that show annoying ads while you are using them, which makes your user experience very boring. But if you are using this app, you won’t see advertisements pop up on your screen. So while chatting with your friends, you will not see any little ads on your screen. This is what makes NA WhatsApp very smooth and clean.

Versions of NA Whatsapp

Pros and Cons of NA WhatsApp

  • Additional Features
  • It is Antiban
  • Allows you to download status
  •  Provides more customization options
  • In-app Locking
  • Automatic Update is not available

How to Download NA WhatsApp?

The downloading process of NA WhatsApp is quite simple. We have provided the download link at the beginning of this article. You can click on the link, and within a second your download will start. The downloading time depends on your internet speed but typically it will take just a few minutes.

How to Install NA WhatsApp Apk?

  • Once you have downloaded the application, go to your mobile settings, navigate to security or privacy and enable “Unknown Sources.” This feature will allow you to install the downloaded application.
  • Open the file manager on your device and locate the downloaded file on your mobile phone.
  • Click on it to start the installation process, follow the package installer and allow the necessary permissions to install the app.
  • Depending on your device’s performance, the application will be installed within a few moments.
  • Once NA WhatsApp is installed on your device you can enter your number and complete the verification process. You will receive an SMS OTP on your mobile device to verify your number.

How to Update NA WhatsApp APK?

This is a modified version of the application that comes with an extra feature that is not available on the official WhatsApp application, so you cannot download it from the official app store. We have provided you with the latest version of the application and whenever a new update comes we immediately change the apk file. You can download the file from the link above in the article.

  • Once you have downloaded the latest version of NA WhatsApp you can install it in a few easy steps.
  • First of all, you have to uninstall the old application from your device otherwise the updated file will not be installed. You don’t need to worry about your chats and media files, as they will be restored automatically once the new app is installed.
  • Locate the downloaded file on your mobile device and click on it to start the installation process. Allow some necessary permission and within a few moments the app will be installed.
  • Enter the mobile number and verify it through SMS OTP.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can start using the application.


NA WhatsApp is a modern messaging application that comes with a lot of tiny tools and features that enhance your messaging experience. The app is resistant to bans and was developed by Egyptian developer Nasser Aljaede. It has 8 different sub-versions that have minor differences from each other. The application is not available on any official app store, so you can download it from our website or any other trusted source of your choice.

Yes, it is safe to use NA Whatsapp but make sure to download it from a trusted website like Nawhatsp

Yes, it’s free

Yes, NA whatsapp allows you to download statuses of your contacts with just one click.

The login process of NA whatsapp is similar to other messaging apps. you just need to enter and verify your mobile number using OTP.

The NA whatsapp has an auto update stytem which means you don’t need to manually update the app. Whenever the new update comes, the app gets updated to the latest version.